About Bill

Over the years I have commuted to school and work downtown.

Most people who go downtown, it is with purpose, to get to and from work or school, a concert, go shopping, a hockey, football, basketball soccer or baseball game or to meet up with friends at a nightclub. Unlike fellow suburbanites, I like exploring the city and document not only the obvious landmarks but also the hidden gems just as much as hiking in the wilderness.

The goal of City Days and City Nights is to explore the City as a landscape subject, both during the day and at night and take you on a journey to some locations you don’t usually notice in your regular travels.

All prints are available for sale on site at Sovereign House during the course of the exhibit.

A little about Me

I am a PR/Communications consultant, writer, blogger and fine art photographer based here in Oakville. My community involvement includes being co-founder and executive board member of the Oakville Camera Club and I am involved with Art on the Bluffs board for the 2011 season.

Past exhibits include In the Shadow of GTA Greenbelt at Sovereign House in 2010 and previous Capture Oakville Exhibits.

Selfie with XE-7
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